C-favicon The Cardonex Story

Cardonex (pronounced CAR-DON-EX) is derived from the name of the 16th-century Italian mathematician, Gerolamo Cardano. While he contributed to many mathematical concepts, Cardano was particularly influential in the development of linear algebra, including the first to use a systematic approach to negative numbers and even postulate about many linear equations used today. Perhaps his most notable mathematical contribution, though, came out of necessity. Unfortunately, Cardano had a small problem—he was notoriously known for being short on cash. So, Cardano did what any respectable scholar would have done and created an entirely new area of mathematics, the field of probability… which he then promptly used to become an accomplished gambler—yes, gambler—to alleviate his financial woes.

Cardano’s interests did not stop with mathematics either. He made significant contributions to many fields, including medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, philosophy, and even disentanglement puzzle development. He was a complicated, curious scholar who constantly sought solutions to the puzzling problems of his time.

Inspired by what Cardano accomplished, the Cardonex staff also strive to provide solutions to the puzzling issues facing school districts today –how to do more with fewer resources– and, thus, created an entirely new tool for school operations to show districts how to do just that. Building efficient plans and effective schedules may be quite multifaceted and complex, including elements of linear algebra, a breadth of campus knowledge, and good problem-solving skills… just like Cardano himself.

But with Cardonex, the staffing and scheduling “puzzle” is already solved … and luck won’t even have anything to do with it!