Through our vast educational leadership experiences, our staff understand what forces affect efficient staffing and the nuisances necessary to build effective master schedules.

We truly “get” the big picture of all it takes to run a school and district… and not just because we’ve attended a workshop, watched someone else do it, or even because we own patented scheduling technology. We get it because we have done the job, felt the pressure, and thrived in that environment.

Our leadership experiences include almost every administrative position imaginable:
  • Superintendent
  • Principal
  • Central administrative director
  • Assistant principal
  • Instructional coach
Our knowledge bases are extensive:
  • Instructional leadership
  • Special programs
  • Career & technical education
  • Grants management
  • Finance & budgeting


With Cardonex, our districts meet the needs of all students while saving between $150 to over $400 per student annually. Students get the courses that they want and need, and the districts sets its own staffing goals. A district staffing & scheduling timeline is set so consistency among campuses can be achieved and teaching positions can be posted earlier.

Cardonex uses information from a variety of sources so our districts make the most informed, data-based decisions:

  • Real-time student course requests
  • Parameters set by the district
  • Special program requirements
  • Extracurricular goals


With Cardonex, our districts build superior staffing plans and more responsive master schedules in significantly less time. Thus, campus administrators can spend more time interacting with students, parents and teachers and less time in the office working on complicated staffing formulas or cutting out course chips for the magnetic scheduling board.

Many benefits of using Cardonex include:

  • Time reduced by nearly 80%
  • More students receive first choices in classes
  • More students scheduled the first time
  • Number of schedules needing corrected reduced significantly
  • Simplified staffing & scheduling reports generated


Whatever the missing puzzle piece is for your district — more efficient processes, increasing your fund balance, implementing new programming— Cardonex can be a part of the solution at NO risk and with NO upfront costs!

  • NO risk! We believe so strongly in Cardonex that we guarantee the subscription fee will be recovered through staffing efficiencies or the staffing analysis is free.
  • NO upfront costs! In order to realize the savings from the inefficiencies, we won’t invoice your district until the next fiscal year.
  • NO reason to wait! To reap the most benefits of efficient staffing plans and effective master schedules, your district should start as early as possible… schedule a Cardonex demo today!